Smartwatch with GPS, the wearable gadget that everyone needs. Our world is moving forward, as is the technology of smart devices. Nowadays, almost none of us can imagine our lives without a smart phone. But the same principle has begun to apply to smartwatches, which are proving to be extremely useful, practical and functional, essentially helping us in our daily activities. But what are the reasons why this gadget will become your best ally in your daily life?

The suitable smartwatch with GPS…

1. It will essentially upgrade your training!

Accurate GPS smartwatches take your training to another level thanks to the provision of highly specialized and accurate measurements. For this reason, they are a must-have choice for athletes or athletic people.

The top suggestion of DAS.4 for athletes: The new SG12 smartwatch is the top suggestion for you, as it is equipped with Sport Motion Trail GPS which accurately records your performance in running, cycling and many more sports.

2. It will improve your health and wellness

One of the most important risks to our health is that of a sedentary lifestyle. A simple but extremely important feature that a smart GPS watch offers is that of a seating reminder. So, the “bell” rings every time you get absorbed in front of your computer screen or TV.

The suggestion of DAS.4 for those who love healthy living: The new SG08 smartwatch is the ideal combination of style, technology and top health and wellness apps that will definitely be useful to you such as: sedentary reminder, sleep recording, calorie counting, heart rate monitor , blood oxygen and blood pressure. Are you thinking of something better?

3. A children’s smartwatch with GPS is every parent’s best ally!

A children’s smartwatch with GPS is a must-have gadget that our little friends will love and parents will definitely appreciate. The most useful of these is the ability to track your children’s location in real time.

DAS.4’s suggestion for parents and children: The new SKIDO by DAS.4 is the top suggestion of its kind, as it allows parents to monitor children’s movements in real time through an app. In fact, when the child is outside the designated safe area, the watch sends a direct notification to the parent’s cell phone. SKIDO is also equipped with a SIM card to support call SOS and reject unknown numbers.

Get your new Smartwatch with GPS today!

Are you ready to choose a really top smartwatch with precision GPS that will upgrade both your fitness and your daily routine? Or are you looking for the best gift for your loved ones? Make the best choice based on your needs and available budget through the brand new DAS-4 series. Discover it at in its partner store network throughout Greece.

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